The building was built in 1952 by architect Otto Geiler. Until the 90’s, a leather & fur business was running here (picture of Niddastr in 60s). The ground floor was used as the shop, and the other floors were used to process the leather & furs, as office spaces, etc. When leather & fur started being out of fashion, the building also starting decaying (pics of ground floor). In 2017, the city of Frankfurt entrusted us to renovate the building and give it a ‘second life’.

We renovated it completely. We did our best to improve its energy efficiency and we installed photovoltaic panels to generate some energy by ourselves. We also created a small urban garden on the rooftop. We tried to keep as much as possible of its original architecture, especially the facade. After two years of renovation, the building which used to be a leather factory became home to 7 adults and two small children.
For the ground floor, we are looking for a tenant who has a cool idea for socio-economic and/or cultural activity. The tenant will bring the ground floor to life again. Bring your cool idea to life here, and give the ground floor a ‘second life’ with it.